Hi, I am Bulent Aras from Izmir / Turkey.

What would I recommend to those who are half my age? I am 56 years old, see my answers below.

The years pass in the blink of an eye. Don’t marry when you’re young. Live your life. Go somewhere. Explore, pack your bag and go wherever possible. If you have no dependents, don’t buy anything. Instead, explore the world. Check out travel magazines and choose a location. GO! Don’t take life that seriously.

You only have one time in this world. You only have one chance in this life. Don’t wake up and realize that you are 60 years old and haven’t done the things you dreamed about. So, don’t put off living your life to your last ages.


I retired at the age of 52. The least is the best. Instead of comparing the goods you own and the amount of your money with others, challenge life with happiness, health, enjoyment, quality of life and longevity.

Even though I made 936 flights to visit 92 countries until this age, I still haven’t even traveled half of the world. Believe that your whole life will not be enough to explore this planet.

There is no best time to live the life. Live your life and moments on time. Don’t miss your life. Because NO MONEY WHEN YOU ARE A STUDENT, NO TIME WHEN YOU WORK, NO ENERGY WHEN YOU GET OLDER:-)

Hoping this website will exist for another 20-25 years, it was created as my legacy to guide my daughter to discover what important travel destinations in this world and what she should experience at her later age.